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This is the website for the Michigan Bird Records Committee.  On these pages you will find important information pertaining to the operation of the MBRC, the actions taken by the MBRC, photos of rare birds in Michigan, and a database of all accepted records.

If you find any information you feel is incorrect or if you find your photo on this page and would like it removed or you have a general inquiry about something on this website, you can send an email to: michiganbirdrecordscommittee@gmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as the volunteers are able.

Recent News

May 2023

We’ve officially added another species to the state list, Limpkin, and April of 2023 brought another potential first, Pink-footed Goose, that has yet to be reviewed! The Photo Gallery has been updated through the spring of 2023..

January 2023

The Actions Articles for 2020 and 2021 are now on the website as downloadable PDF’s. The Photo Gallery has been updated through all record finalized in 2022… there’s a lot of wonderful photos of rare birds to look through.

November 2022

This amazing year has continued. Now we actually have 5 more potential first state records yet to review(!) AND we recently officially added another species to the state list, Common Redshank! The photo gallery has been updated through November 2022.

September 2022

This has been a great year so far! We’ve already added one new species to the state checklist, Cassin’s Kingbird, and there are an additional 4 others that are pending! The Photo Gallery has been updated through August 2022. Stayed tuned for updates on our checklist and future actions.

This committee and website are made possible through funding and support of the Michigan Audubon Society.


27 January 2023.  Meeting Minutes updated through August 2021, Annual Reports updated through 2021, non-working links removed, Michigan Checklist (and excel file) was updated, Review List (and excel file) updated, MBRC submission form added.

9 February 2022. Searchable Database was updated.