Searchable Database

This search engine queries all records recognized by the MBRC; searches can be made only for species that are, or used to be, on the MBRC Review List.

PLEASE NOTE: For some species this databased has stopped being updated once the species achieved “Regular” status in Michigan. For example, Rufous Hummingbird occurs almost every year in Michigan. However, the database result will only show records up until Rufous Hummingbird stopped being reviewed by the committee. To know all species in this situation you can reference the “Review List” page and/or look for the “not currently reviewed” label on the “Photo Gallery” page.

DISCLAIMERS: All data are unofficial unless verified by the secretary; also, search results should not be considered exhaustive (because they do not account for the most recent MBRC actions – those that occurred since the last database update).

Searches can be made by entering all or part of a species name or county name (county only, ex: “Oakland”).

  • For the most restrictive output, type in the complete species name rather than a fragment (e.g. ‘Ivory Gull’ instead of ‘Gull’).
  • For unidentified frigatebirds type ‘Fregata’, for unidentified sulids use ‘sulid’, for unidentified Plegadis ibises use ‘Plegadis’, and for unidentified Aechmophorus grebes use ‘Aechmophorus’.
  • All accepted records of seasonal review species (such as Baird’s Sandpiper) and review subspecies (such as ‘Krider’s’ and ‘Harlan’s’ Red-tailed Hawks, ‘Richardson’s’ Merlin, ‘Great White’ Great Blue Heron, ‘Audubon’s’ Yellow-rumped Warbler, ‘Yellow’ Palm Warbler, and multiple Dark-eyed Junco) are included.
  • Leaving the box blank and hitting enter will reveal all records in the database.

Database updated 9 February 2022.

*Special thanks to Nathan Stouffer for creating this search engine.