Rare Bird Form

Instructions: This form is to be used for species presently on the MBRC Review List, potential first state records, or those observations for which a seasonal-survey compiler has solicited documentation.

To submit documentation, download the form (.doc), and send it to the MBRC secretary, Adam Byrne, by email or regular mail.

Adam Byrne
11771 Rachel Ln.
DeWitt, MI 48820

(email address available at the “Committee Members” tab)

After your documentation has been reviewed by the committee, you will receive formal correspondence indicating the committee’s action on your record. This process often takes over a year, so please be patient.

All fields in the form are required. Please read our suggestions on documenting rare birds here before filling out the Rare Bird Report Form and answer all of the questions as thoroughly as you can. If you have no comment for a particular field, then please indicate “no comment.”

Link to downloadable version of this form: Rare Bird Report Form

There is also a Google form which can be used to directly submit your sighting to the MBRC. In the form there is a section to upload photos, sketches, or field notes. Take your time when completing the form, do a thorough job with your descriptions. Here is the link to the Google Form

If you prefer not to download the form, here is an .html version of its fields. Simply copy and paste all of these fields into your word-processing software and forward the completed file to the secretary.

1. Species.

2. Number of individual birds seen.

3. Date and time of sighting. (Please be sure to indicate how long your observations lasted.)

4. County.

5. Exact location. (Please be as specific as possible, including nearest crossroads; include GPS coordinates if known, as well as coordinate system and receiver type.)

6. Detailed description of appearance. (Please be as specific as you can, and include if possible: size; shape; bill, eye, and leg characteristics; color and pattern of plumage; and any other features that you observed. This is the most important part of your submission.)

7. Description of voice.

8. Behaviors observed.

9. Habitat.

10. Similar species and how eliminated.

11. Previous experience with this species and similar species.

12. Distance from bird(s) and how measured or estimated (indicate which).

13. Optical equipment used.

14. Light (sunny versus cloudy, position of sun in relation to bird[s] and you).

15. Other observers. (For each please give contact information, if known.)

16. Did the others agree with your identification? (If not, then please explain.)

17. When did you first write down notes describing the bird(s) in question? (If you have field notes, or notes written within a few days after returning from the field, then please include scans or photocopies of them with your submission.)

18. Books and other references consulted.

19. Were the references consulted before or after you first wrote down a description?

20. How did the references influence the description?

21. Were photographs obtained? (If so, then please submit the highest-resolution photos; you can include photofiles with your email or contact the secretary to arrange transfer of prints.)

22. Your name.

23. Your email address.

24. Your home address.

25. Date you filled out this form.